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Rotutech presents the most innovative labeling solution on the market

With the Labelcut printing and cutting train you can forget about the high budgets of large print runs and stock problems. Our solution will allow you to make runs of the volume you want at the time you want and with total flexibility. After more than 20 years of experience in the world of digital punching in the hand of the best brand of cutting by blade of the market, Rotutech know the importance of providing, to small and medium enterprises, solutions that suit your needs real.

Special collections or labeling changes, due to the needs of the market or customers, will no longer be a headache for your company. The possibilities offered by the Labelcut R20i printing and cutting train are endless, since it allows you to print your personalized labels and cut them to blood in a quick and easy way to prepare. Even if your business offers professional printing and cutting solutions, with Labelcut R20i you can offer your customers the possibility of issuing small runs with more tight budgets and with great benefits .

Especially aimed at the small manufacturer of products both within the food sector, as the industrial, cosmetic or chemical in the R20ie version. The ideal complement to the label manufacturer who wants to continue to maintain the benefits of small roll labels

Benefits of LABELCUT


Optimized for short runs

Custom Labels

Economical for your company


Fast throughout the execution of the process


Multiple adhesive materials or not


Labelcut R20i

Labelcut R20s

Accessories included

Winplot (windows) cutting software
Cutter control parameter software
36º metallic blade holder
2 blades 36º ø 2 mm.

Cutting speed

Up to 800 mm / s axial; up to 1131 mm / s radial. cutting pressure: 0-400 grams, in increments of 5 grams, 80 steps.

Compatible tools

Exclusive blade 36º ø 2 mm for paper and polyesters with a special alloy that lasts up to 5 times more than a standard blade.

Cutting width

Rrom 50 to 223 mm continuously in the “extended mode”, which allows the cutting area to be extended by +/- 3 cm.

Minimum length of the tag

From 5 mm. maximum length of the label: up to 600 mm.


2 years in the r20 plotter in parts and labor and 1 year in the rest of mechanisms and equipment. does not include travel or transportation; wear parts per use not included.

Quality / speed setting

Up to 5 ranges selectable by the user, allowing an execution up to 5 times faster without modifying the quality of the cut in a visible way.

Registration numbers

3 for calibration and the rest with 2.


USB and series (only available without the ultrasonic sensor installed).


The plotter allows the cutting and cutting of adhesives for small runs with total lengths not exceeding 50m linear. Unwinding included using the cutting motors with which the execution alternates: cutting / uncoiling.

Train Labelcut R20s

The train includes the following elements online. Unwinder, plotter R20, Rmatrix system of discarded and separated in multiple coils (up to 4 different), rewinder.

Train Labelcut R20i

The train includes the following elements online. Unwinder, printer EPSON C831, plotter R20, Rmatrix system of discarded and separated in multiple coils (up to 4 different), rewinder.

EPSON 6500AE integration

New integration with EPSON 6500AE printer allows us to get lower prices per label which leads a higher return.

The print quality achieves the amazing 5.760 x 1.440 ppp. We shall continue with the wide range of materials now available for EPSON 6500AE as well.


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